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Blue Ribbon Pruning wants to thank you for visiting our site!

Our company focuses mostly on trimming trees. We are able to do some full tree removals to ground level, dependent on each individual tree. Our Certified Arborist, Kirk Miller, would be happy to help you assess and determine what your trees may need for a long and healthy life.

Our goal is to provide life long services to our clients by offering personable customer service, honest opinions about options, and competitive pricing.

Pricing is dependent on size of tree, surrounding areas, and how much work is needed or preferred. No two trees are the same.

Following ISA guidelines, certain trees should be maintained at certain times of the year, with exceptions at times.

Oak and Elm trees need to be done during their dormant season. This is during colder months when the sap has stopped flowing. The rule to go by is 10 days of 50 degree weather or above, it is no longer safe. For fall/winter it’s 10 days below freezing is when Oak and Elm pruning season begins.

Shrubs and arborvitaes do best in warmer months, and should not be pruned in the rain.

I will do an additional post with more information on safe pruning seasons later this year.

Please reach out if you have any questions about trees or our company, I would love to talk to you.

Thank you!

Kirk Miller - owner

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